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 Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7)

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Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7) Empty
PostSubject: Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7)   Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7) I_icon_minitimeSun May 02, 2010 10:43 pm

Just posting a guide

3 different ones in 3 different colors

Guide 1 Source:

Important Info Before Continuing!

I cannot stress this enough, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS read the entire section carefully before starting. Make sure you know exactly what you're going to do. If you mess this up, it could damage your system a lot. Be careful, and good luck!

1. Run Maple Story on Windows on your Mac.

Boot Camp comes built into Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). It allows you to boot into Windows or Mac. It's like having two computers in one. It currently works for Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 RC. If that sounds cool with you, let's get started.

You will need :

- A Mac with an Intel Processor (You can check by going to Apple>About This Mac)
- A Mac running Mac OS X Leopard (All recent models)
- A copy of Windows
- A copy of your Mac OS X Leopard install disc. (This came with your Mac)
- At least 40 GB of room on your Mac. (Windows will take up 3 - 10 GB of this space, the rest will be available for saving files)
- Administrator privileges on your Mac. You MUST have this.

1. Okay, so once you have all those things we can start. First, open the Applications folder. Then scroll down to Utilities and open Boot Camp Assistant. A window will appear. Simply click on continue, or if you want, you can quickly read the introduction.

2. Click on 'start the windows installer' and then continue. Then click on 'create or remove a Windows Partition' and then continue.

3. If you have more than one hard drive in your Mac, a window will appear asking which to install on. Click on Macintosh HD and then continue. If you do not have more than one hard drive, it will take you directly to the next window. It will ask you how you'd like to format the partition. This is a bit complicated so pay attention.

Fat 32 :
-You can read and write files to the Windows Partition from Mac OS X. This means you can 'make' files onto the Windows Partition when in Mac.
-You are limited to only 32GB of storage on the Windows Partition.
-You can only use Windows XP for this, Vista will not run on FAT32.

-By default, this will allow you to make the Partition as large or as small as you'd like. The thing is, though, that you will not be able to WRITE files on to the hard drive when in Mac OS X. There is an easy solution available. Scroll down to "Read & Write NTFS Files from Mac OS X."
-You can make the partition bigger than 32GB.
-You can use Windows XP AND Windows Vista.

Keep in mind that while in Windows you will NOT be able to see files on your Mac OS X partition... at least without extra software. So, while in Windows, it'll seem as if you're running a system with only Windows.

Once you've decided on the format and size for your Windows Partition click on 'Partition.' Here it will ask you to insert your Windows Disc, go ahead and insert your disc. Once it is inserted, click on 'Start Installation.'

4. The computer will restart into the Windows Installation screen. Follow the instructions just as you would on a real Windows PC. Make sure you choose the right hard drive. It will have the word 'BOOTCAMP' in it's name. If you are installing Windows XP, make sure you choose the same format that you chose before. Vista will do the format choosing for you.

5. When the installation is finished, your Mac will restart into Windows. When in Windows, go to Start > My computer > Right-click the CD Drive > Click on 'eject.' If you're on a laptop you can right-click by hovering over the disc and holding control, then clicking. Once the disc is ejected, insert your Mac OS X disc. It will open by itself and you'll see an installer window. If it doesn't open automatically, go back to your CD Drive and open the disc. Double click on 'setup.exe.' Then click continue and let it do it's thing.

6. Your Mac will restart, again! It'll boot back into Windows. Windows should now see all kinds of new hardware. Your iSight camera should work, speakers, etc.
From now on, when you're in Windows there will be a little Boot Camp icon in the icon tray. You can open it and change settings and choose what operating system (Windows or Mac) you'd like to boot into on start-up. To change the default operating system when on Mac go to Apple > System Preferences > Startup Disc

You can also change what operating system you'd like to boot into by holding down the 'option' key RIGHT AFTER THE START-UP TING when you turn on your Mac.

Congratulations, you now have Windows on your Mac. You can boot into Windows anytime you want and run all kinds of games and programs.

Although, if you'd like to play Maple Story directly on mac, keep reading.

2. Run Maple Story right on Mac (you need to pay $$$)

You can do this by using one of these two great programs; Parallels or VMware Fusion. Neither of these programs are free but they do give you nice trials so you can use it for free for a couple days.

These programs allow you to run Windows at the same time as Mac OS X. There are some downsides, however. It will be slower than Boot Camp and you cannot play very high-resolution games. You can play Maple though.

bakuwaomar said: "I think it's worth pointing out that Parallels and VMware have experimental Direct X support and that updates may occasionally break it. If you use Boot Camp first and then use Parallels or VMware with the Boot Camp partition, you'll at least have a fallback."

The good thing about this program is that you can run Windows off of a Boot Camp partition. So, you can boot INTO WINDOWS and RUN IT AT THE SAME TIME AS MAC OS X with the same copy of Windows. If you want to do this, make sure you have done the first step.

Let's get started. What you'll need :

- A Boot Camp partition, or a Windows Install Disk & Serial Key
- At least 1GB of RAM, I'd recommend 2GB though.
- Administrator Privileges

My trial has ended for both of these programs, so I can't really help you out right now. Both programs are easy to use though, so you shouldn't have any problems.

This video will help you out for now. I am going to make a video showing the process using Parallels, but it will be ready in February... after exams. =(

Read and Write NTFS Files from Mac OS X

Here is a short video explaining how to do this

All you have to do is download and install this then download and install this.

Please thank walridge3 for those links.

Extra : Run Windows Programs directly on Mac

This is free and you do not need to have a copy of windows. The downside is that it can be slow and does not work with games. So, yes, no Maple Story.

What you'll need :

- A Mac running Tiger or Leopard. (Tiger users need to make sure they have x11 installed from your mac installation disc)
- At least 1GB of Ram
- An Intel Based Mac (All new Macs are Intel-Based, you can check by going to Apple > About this Mac. If it says "Intel" where the processor is then you're okay. If not, you cannot do this.)
- Administrator Privileges

Let's get started, I will be using Winamp as an example :

1. Download Darwine and install it.
2. Go to Applications and open the Darwine folder.
3. Open Wine Helper
4. A new Window entitled 'Process Window' should appear.
5. Download the installer for your program.
6. Now go to back to Wine Helper and click on Application > Open
7. Locate your installer and click open
8. Let it do it's thing. The installation window should come up. Install just like you would on Windows except when it comes to the window asking where to install it, change it to Macintosh HD > users > you > Program Files > *program name*
9. It'll continue and when finished, you should be able to run the program directly on your Mac!

Guide 2 Source:

Running Maplestory on a mac, The Guide:

Welcome, and thank you for reading my guide! This guide can help you as a mac user to play Maplestory, and will lead on a step by step basis. There is little time to waste as there is much training to be done, so let us begin!

Minimum System requirements:

To play maplestory on a mac, your mac must meet these minimum system requirements:

-Intel core CPU or better (note: Power PC will NOT work)
-512 Megabytes of ram
-5 Gigabytes of Hard Drive Space
-A Legal copy of Windows

If you are unsure on your CPU type, click the top left apple button on your screen, and go to "About This Mac". Within the "About this Mac" window, it will specify whether it is a Power PC or Intel Mac.

2. Methods

There are many different ways that one can play Maplestory on a mac. I for one have chosen three of the best methods, and they will be described below:
Note: For all of these methods, you must have a valid copy of Windows 98 or greater.

-You can use a virtual machine, such as vmware Fusion, or Parallels to run windows as a virtual machine. From there, you can install, and play maplestory. Unlike the Bootcamp method, the virtual machine allows you to run windows side-by side along with your main OS (in this case, would be Mac OSX). The downside is that because this is a virtual machine, your VM and your games that run in it will be slower than a bootcamp method. Also, you must purchase a copy of either VMware or Parallels.

-You can use Apple’s Bootcamp assistant utility to natively install Windows. As before, you must have a legal copy of windows. Like the Virtual Machine method, this allows you to run windows (and maplestory) on your mac. The Windows OS will be able to take full advantage of your hardware. Unfortunately, you will be unable to run OSX at the same time, due to the fact that Windows via bootcamp will be running physically on your machine without a Host OS (in this case, Mac OSX). Bootcamp comes on Leopard, and will not work in Tiger.

Playing Maplestory through VMware Fusion/Parallels:
This section of the guide will show you how you can get maplestory to run via VMware fusion or Parallels. By using these virtual machines, you will be able to run windows and mac OSX side by side. Unfortunately, your game-play may be slower than a native install of windows.

Recommended requirements for VMware Fusion/Parallels:
-Intel Dual Core or better
-2 Gigabytes of Ram

If you have anything less than a Dual core, or less than 2 gigabytes of ram, it would be better to play through bootcamp. Each OS should have around a gig each to play maplestory comfortably. Anything less than that, and you may experience major lag. A dual core will be able to streamline your many processes on your computer. A single core machine will struggle with virtual machines.

Instructions and setup guide:
A. First off, you must obtain a copy of VMware Fusion or Parallels. You can do this by downloading their respective programs from their official websites.
B. Once you have downloaded, and installed the program, insert your Windows installation CD.
C. When you first start VMware/Parallels, you will be given the option to install a new operating system. In these options, select the operating system you will be installing, and insert your windows product key, name, and such. VMware/Parallels will automate your installation without interference after you have given necessary information.
D. After you install a Windows Virtual machine, you will be able to run windows as a guest operating system right on top of your main OS. You must however, install the “vmware” tools or Parallels tools (depending on which VM product you installed) to be able to use your guest OS to it’s fullest. You can do this by going to VIRTUAL MACHINE in the task pane, and selecting INSTALL VMWARE TOOLS/INSTALL PARALLELS TOOLS.
E. Once you have installed VMware tools/Parallels tools, you must set up your machine so it can run maplestory to it’s fullest. You can do this by selecting VIRTUAL MACHINE in the task pane, and selecting SETTINGS in VMware. In Parallels, go to the VIRTUAL MACHINE CONFIGURATION window, and select HARDWARE.
F. In the settings window, you will be given multiple options, including ram amount, processor cores, and such. In order for Maplestory to run, change the ram amount to about 1/4th to about a half of the ram that your entire machine holds in the PROCESSORS AND RAM settings window. If you have a dual-core machine or more, allow the VM to utilize all of the cores.
F. Once you have set this up, you will be able to run maplestory.

Note: For VMware, there is a “white-screen” graphics issue when running maplestory in unity mode. To avoid this, only play Maplestory in Vmware’s Windowed mode. Fortunately, Parallels does not have this problem, but runs unbearably slow in Maplestory’s windowed mode. Therefore, you must run Maplestory without coherence mode.

Playing Maplestory through BootCamp:
This section of the guide will show you how you can get maplestory to run via Bootcamp assistant.

Recommended requirements for BootCamp:
-Intel core 2 ore better
-1 Gigabytes of ram

Instructions and setup guide:
A. Unlike Vmware or Parallels, Bootcamp comes free on leopard (not tiger). This method allows you to run maplestory natively on your hardware, but will not give you the freedom to run both OSX and the Windows OS at the same time. In bootcamp, only windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista will work.
B. Set up a new partition in Boot camp assistant. Windows xp will need at least 5 gigabytes of HD space, while vista will need at least 20 (for Home basic and Home Premium)
C. Once you have set up your partition, insert your Windows installation disk and press START INSTALLATION in bootcamp assistant.
Your computer will restart, and will begin the installation. This installer for bootcamp is manually controlled, so you will need to tell the setup which partition you want to install windows on. WARNING: If you reformat the hard-drive other than your bootcamp disk, the contents of that disk will be completely erased. This means that you will lose whatever data you have kept on that disk.
D. Once you have installed windows, you must install your drivers. Your drivers will be located on your mac OSX install DVD.
Once you have installed your drivers, you are free to play maplestory, (as well as running any other windows program that you may need to use).

Here's a guide about making maplestory work on linux.

What you need:
-An internet connection (gona want high speed)
-A windows install cd or iso
-Patience and time

Before you start, make sure you have 3D capabilities in linux (because if you dont, then you wont in the emulator).
Open up a console and type:

$ glxinfo | grep direct

If it says direct rendering: yes, then you are good to go.
If it doesnt you can check out this guide ( for ATI cards, and hopefully someone else in the forum can help you if you have an nVidia card (I dont so I would'nt know the best places).
Now on with the show.

1) Choose an emulator.

Choices, choices. There are lots of emulators for linux, but at the time of this writing only one of them works for Maple Story: VMware. And, unfortunately, you can only legally run the full version of VMWare for 30 days without giving them money .
There are other free emulators out there you're welcome to try (I tried em all) but none of them support 3D acceleration via DirectX, which Maple Story needs. Even VMware only supports it in its "experimental stages", but its good enough to run a low intensive game like Maple Story. I'll assume for the rest of the thread that we're using VMware.

2) Download and Install the Emulator

Now, theres two routes you can go with VMware.
-a) download the 30-day trial VMware Workstation (
-b) download the free, open source, VMware Player ( along with the Browser Appliance ( (that runs a mini Ubuntu ironically) and follow this ( guide for how to reformat the browser and install Windows on the disk image. I personally couldnt get this method to work, but others report to doing so successfully. Therefore I'll assume were using the 30-day trial version for the installation intructions.

Unfortunately you have to create an account with them, and provide a valid email address, to get your temporary license key. You can get an address from if you dont want to receive the spam I'm sure they'll start sending.

Once you've downloaded and extracted the tar, you can call the install with
sudo ./
It will ask you a plethora of questions which you can give the default answer to for almost every case.
The VMWare installation is rather long and requires many dependencies that I don't remember. If anyone wants to post the dependencies as they encounter them I'll edit the post later and put them in this spot.
The installation script should completely install and configure the program so it's all ready to go.

3) Install Windows

If VMware installed correctly, you should have a link in Applications-->System Tools-->VMWare Workstation (under gnome). If you arent in gnome, or don't have this entry, then the default location for the executable is /usr/bin/vmware.
Once the program window is open you need to:
File-->New-->Virtual Machine
select option 1 (Microsoft Windows) and the selection to your appropriate windows version, Next
Use bridged networking, Next
Chose whatever disk size you want (pref > 4gb)

If you are installing Windows from iso you'll need to click 'Edit virtual machine settings', go to the CD-ROM option, and change it from physical drive to use iso. Then, power on the virtual machine.
The first time you go to start it will ask you for the temporary serial key you can get from logging into their page with your user name, but after that it will give you a POST screen, and then it will boot your windows install CD.
Install Windows.

4) Configure for Direct3D

Once Windows is installed we need to make it ready to play 3D games.
a) Start up Windows in the emulator and install the virtual drivers by clicking VM in the menu, then clicking 'Install VMWare Tools'.
This will pop up a windows installer that will emulate all your linux drivers and ask you to restart.
b) In the windows emulation click on Start-->Run and run 'dxdiag'. Make sure you are running at least directx9 on your virtual machine.
c) Now for the dangerous part. This has reportedly not worked for some, but it worked just fine for me.
Shut down your windows emulation, close out of VMware, and navigate to where it saves your virtual drive (should be /home//vmware/Windows XP/). Look for the file with a .vmx extension. Open that file with gedit and add the following to the bottom:
mks.enable3d = "TRUE"
svga.vramSize = "67108864"
vmmouse.present = "FALSE"

Save the file, restart VMware, go to Edit-->Preferences-->Input, and uncheck all the cursor options. Apparently when 3D is running it wants to lock the mouse on the screen. That's ok, a simple ctrl+alt gives the mouse back to other applications.
Now, start up the emulated Windows again and once its loaded go to Start-->Run.
Type in 'dxdiag' and click OK.
Go over to the display tab and if you have Direct3D enabled, do a dance of joy, download Maple Story, install, and start playing.

If Direct3D still isnt enabled, or youre getting weird reactions, try removing the svga.vramSize = "67108864" line from the .vmx file.
If this doesnt work than its possible your Ubuntu installation isnt set up for 3D direct rendering. You'll have to resolve this issue first as described in the first steps above.
If that is not the case then you might have to wait for the team at VMware to further develop their Direct3D support.

5) (optional) Improve Speed

If you've got it installed and working, but are having issues with speed, theres a couple things you can do to speed it up.
a) Increase memory usage.
By default, VMware sets virtual machines to use something like 256mb of the system memory. This is hardly enough to just run XP, so you can increase this value to whatever you wish (but Im assuming giving it too much can be a bad thing).
b) Change svga.vramSize = "67108864" in the .vmx file to a larger value. Currently it's set at 67,108,864 bytes (64mb) so only change this if you have more than 128mb memory available on your video card. It has to be changed in logical increments that equal a megabyte. So for 92mb multiply by 1024 then 1024 again = 96468992 bytes
c) Eliminate the XP Frills.
Click Start-->Control Panel-->System-->Advanced-->Performance Settings
and adjust for best performance.

6) (optional) Slow Network

One final note: If you notice slow throughput on your network card you can try changing the ethernet settings to use NAT instead of bridged. Bridged is ideal because it allows for network transfers with the host, but has been known to have problems.

How To Play itunestory on Windows 7
Well as you may know, currently, you are not able to play MapleStory on Windows 7, but with a bit of tweaking, you can get it to work with no problems. This is specifically for gMS which is what itunestory is on.

1. Go into your MapleStory folder (Default is C:\Nexon\Maplestory)
2. Find "itunestory.exe" or whatever you called your itunestory Client.
3. Right click, and select "Properties".
4. At the top, click the "Compatibility" tab.
5. Look for "Compability Mode", below it, it should say "Run this program in compatibility mode for". Tick this, and under the drop down list, Select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
6. Lower down in this same tab, look for "Run this program as an administrator", click on this (make sure its ticked).
7. Click APPLY then OK to make a save to these changes.

NOTE: The following steps will require DXWND for a successful game startup, please note, in W7, you cannot have Internet Explorer (IE) and DXWND opened at the same time, make sure IE is closed before opening DXWND or either way.

8. Repeat the same process from 1 to 7, except this time you are doing it on the DXWND executable. E.g. DXWND.exe.

So you basically have to right click it -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Set all those as mentioned in Steps 1~7 then click ok.

9. Add BankaiStory into DXWND with the choice of either Directx8 or 9. This varies on your version. Then your good to go.

P.S. This guide may not work on older builds of Windows 7; I have no specific build or version that I know of, it worked on the RC.

Man.... This took so long.


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PostSubject: Re: Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7)   Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7) I_icon_minitimeSun May 02, 2010 11:31 pm


Main website: HERE
Need help? Contact me here(or pm on forum):
Twitter: iTuneStory

Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7) 2uxvh2b
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PostSubject: Re: Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7)   Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7) I_icon_minitimeMon May 03, 2010 4:32 pm

Wasted like 10-15 mins of my life since most ppl won't even read past the first paragraph.
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PostSubject: Re: Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7)   Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7) I_icon_minitimeTue May 04, 2010 11:01 pm

Big ass thread there, nice job.

Useful Links HERE
Need help? Contact me here(or pm on forum):
MSN: / AIM: TwinkleDoosh OR Contact Admin by / Email:

Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7) 1670z7l
**Remember, iTune Staff members will NEVER ask for your password.
Please do not reveal your password to anyone.**
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PostSubject: Re: Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7)   Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7) I_icon_minitimeWed May 26, 2010 9:21 pm

Might wanna Sticky this o-o
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PostSubject: Re: Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7)   Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7) I_icon_minitime

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Running MapleStory on Non-Windows OS (And Windows 7)
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