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 Guide to Playing iTuneStory

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Guide to Playing iTuneStory Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Playing iTuneStory   Guide to Playing iTuneStory I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2009 4:37 pm

First, download and install hamachi: HERE

Second, power it on, click network > join existing network.
Network ID: iTuneStory
password: 1234
note: if iTuneStory is full, try iTuneStory2, if that is full, try iTuneStory 3, if
that is full, I will make another network.

Third, go to the main website: HERE

Fourth, go to the download page of the website by clicking "Download" on the top navigation bar. If you want a direct download, skip to the next step.

Fifth, download maplestory v83 and install. Here is a Direct Download.

Sixth, download the iTuneStory client. Here is a Direct Download.

Seventh, place the client in the folder where your v83 ms files are located.

Eigth, go to the register page of the Main Website and register an account. DO NOT just make up a random email and/or birthday. You will need to re-enter them if you wish to change your password at some point.

Ninth, open/launch iTuneStory.exe

Tenth, login with the account information you registered with. Then, select the channel you want to play in and create a character. After you create a character, select it to login.

NOTE: You can change the password to your account by logging in to it at the main website and going to account setting.

IMPORANT NOTE: You need to have hamachi powered on and running to be able to access the main website and server.

Main website: HERE
Need help? Contact me here(or pm on forum):
Twitter: iTuneStory

Guide to Playing iTuneStory 2uxvh2b
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Guide to Playing iTuneStory
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