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 GM commands

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PostSubject: GM commands   GM commands I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2010 11:39 pm

!setall [amt] - Sets all your stats to [amt]
!killall - Kills all mobs in your map
!item [itemid] [amt] - Gives you [amt] [itemid]
!level [amt] - Changes your level to [amt]
!exp [amt] - Changes your exp to [amt]
!ban [player] [reason] - Bans [player] from the game. [reason] is optional
![stat] [amt] - Sets [stat] to [amt]
!whereami - Shows the ID of the map you are on
!warphere [player] - Warps [player] to your location
!jail [player] - Sends [player] to jail
!unjail [player] - Releases [player] from jail
!spawn [mobid] [amt] - Spawns [amt] number of mob [mobid]
!pos - Displays your location on the map
!notice [notice] - Sends a notice [notice] to all players
!mesos [amt] - Gives you [amt] mesos
!mesoperson [person] [amt] - Gives [player] [amt] mesos
!levelperson [player] [amt]- Changes [player]s level to [amt]
!kill [player] - Kills [player]
"!killmap - Kills every player on your map
!dc [player] - Disconnects [player] from the server
!heal - Restore you HP/MP to your maxHP/maxMP
!healmap - Heals all player on your map
!healperson [player] - Heals [player]
!clock [time] - Creates a clock with [time] seconds left
!buff [buffid] - Buffs you the skill [skillid]
!unbuff [buffid] - Deletes buff [buffid]
!unbuffme - Deletes all your current buffs
!warpmap [mapid] - Warps everyone in your map to [mapid]
!warphere [player] - Warps [player] to your location
!warp [mapid] - Warps you to [mapid]
!event [mapid] - Starts an event in [mapid]
!search [category] [name] - Searches the id of [name] under [category]. E.g: !search npc snail
!seteqstat [slot][stat][val]- Increases stat [stat/all] by [val] for item in eq slot [slot/all]
!whosthere - Displays all the characters on the current map
!connected - Displays the number of characters connected
!online - Displays a list of all online characters
!say [messg] - Message is shown to all players with your ign

Main website: HERE
Need help? Contact me here(or pm on forum):
Twitter: iTuneStory

GM commands 2uxvh2b

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GM commands
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